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Kwik-Fix Advertising & Mobile Services
'Satisfying an essential consumer need'

 Advertising information:    

 Q. Who are your target audience? 
 A. Our primary target audience is any person with a mobile phone or portable device.  Basically any company    could advertise, and most certainly reach their target audience, at any one of our fantastic locations nationwide. In NZ there are now over 5Million mobile phone connections and iPod customers, which makes it a huge audience for advertisers. Passersby are also attracted to our LCD digital screens and light boxes, making it a double hit.   Ultimately, it depends on the location of these kiosks to determine the demographics of our target audience; for each location we provide advertisers with a full marketing brief, including the demographic of the audience.   If you wish to target a specific audience, we can negotiate to have these kiosks placed in those locations and work with you to roll-out your new advertising campaign.

Q. How effective is this type of Media? 

A. Very effective - it's
non-traditional advertising at it's very best; where the audience are captive for up to 15min. We are adding value by providing a unique and much-needed service (mobile phone charging and disinfecting), first in NZ & Australia. Because patrons see value in our service (we are satisfying an essential consumer need) they do not mind watching the advertising, hence a large coverage resulting in the advertising being very cost effective. The advertising is also viewed by passersby. Furthermore our formats are digital with option for audio, as well as a static light box,  which make this more effective than traditional advertising, which totally relies on impressions and also very easy to change or customise to your requirements. 

Q. How is the advertising or artwork loaded and executed?

A. The digital advertising is loaded on CF or SD memory cards, which is then plugged in the kiosk. All kiosks are equipped with either one of the cards - 256MB. Larger memory cards and hard drive options (80GB) are available. The kiosks do not support flash files, however flash files can be converted to one the supported formats below. We are currently developing remote downloading capabilities for our kiosks. This will enable us to offer much shorter turn-around times for advertising on our LCD screens. The light box has a decal which is quite easily replaceable.

Q. What are the formats and specifications for advertising?
A. CLY-18 Kiosks:
LCD screen or touch screen with PC: 17inch - 1280 x 1024px - High Resolution (jpeg, jpg, MP3, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, DVD, VCD, AVI, DAT) or any format with the PC option
Light box decal size: 350mm x 675mm (allow 10mm for frame) 

B. CLY-12B Kiosks:
LCD screen or touch screen with PC: 17inch - 1280 x 1024px - High Resolution (jpeg, jpg, MP3, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, DVD, VCD, AVI, DAT) or any format with the PC option


Investor information:

Q. What options are available for investors? 
A. As an investor, you can either purchase or lease these kiosks from us, at very competitive rates, with excellent ROI. There are various other ways we can structure our offering, to discuss this, please Contact us 

Q. What are the options and benefits for property owners in high traffic locations? 
A. For owners of strategic & high traffic locations; we will rent floor space to place these kiosks and manager the entire process. These kiosks are self service, so there's little or no effort required by staff. For a small investment in floor space, not only are owners increasing their sales, by attracting new customers, they are also gaining additional income, which makes it a win-win and no reason why they shouldn't have one of these kiosks in their business.  

Q. Where will these kiosks be located?

A. Initially they will be located at Airports, Universities, train stations, tourist attractions etc. They could also be placed in shopping malls, bus stations, entertainment places, coffee shops, exhibition centres, retail stores, hospitals etc, or almost any high-traffic public place.  

Q. Which other countries have these kiosks?

A. They are widely used in many countries, including USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, China, Russia, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, Bulgaria and now in NZ and many other countries.

Q. Are you looking for agents or partners?

A. Yes, we are looking for agents or partners. With our introduction into the NZ & Australian markets and shortly into the Pacific Islands, we are currently looking for qualified agents for protected regions and market sectors not yet allocated.  

Product information: 

Q. How many different brands of mobile phones/devices can these kiosks charge? 
A. These kiosks can charge almost all popular brands of mobile phones and other portable devices including; iPhone, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, blackBerry, iPod-Nano. These kiosks can also be ordered with a number of other brands of charging plugs, including universal charging and discharging clips, on request.   

Q. How long does it take to charge a phone and how much does it cost?
A. Patrons normally charge their phones for about 5-10min, which will provide about 8 hours standby time on most phones. The kiosks are set for 15min charging, which will provide typically 12 hours standby time on most phones. The kiosks serve as an emergency charge (Top-up) and the phones can be removed at anytime. In NZ these kiosks will be mostly 'Free' of charge to users. However, we do have some coin operated kiosks, which is set for $2.00. 

Q. Will these kiosks damage my phone in anyway? 
A. No, the charging circuits are especially designed to suit each phone manufacturer's specifications for voltage and current. For your convenience, the make and in some cases the models, are clearly listed for each charging plug. All kiosks have multilevel safety features such as current limiting , voltage and temperature protection and also short-circuit resistance.

Q. How large are these kiosks? 
A. Please refer to the 
product profile  page for dimensions and weights  

Q. How many different kiosk models and stands are available?

A. Please refer to the product profile page for dimensions and weights 
Q. Are there any patents held?

A. Yes, there are various patents held for the designs and technology.   

Q. When mobile phone companies change their plugs, are the latest plugs available and kiosks updated?
A. Yes, as long as the phone can be identified. We are constantly updating these kiosks with the latest charging plugs from manufacturers.

Q. What are the usable life of these units?

A. These kiosks have been installed in China and other parts of the world for the past 10+ years and are still operational. In NZ we have these kiosks for over 6 years now They are robust and very reliable.  

Q. How vandal proof are these units?

A. On occasion, the housings and charging plugs may need replacing due to misuse or vandalism. We recommend that the kiosks be placed in a secure environment, especially after hours. 

Q. How are the repairs and service for these kiosks handled?
A. Kiosks will be repaired and serviced locally by us. They do not require constant servicing or maintenance, once set up. Each unit has a 12 month warranty covering parts. We do offer a repair service contract (RSC) on all kiosks as an option in NZ. For kiosks on lease the RSC is included. Certain conditions may apply.  

Q. How do the different units differ in operate?

A. All units operate in exactly the same way with the exception of the LCD screen sizes. Remote control for operation and user instructions are supplied with each unit. Should the user experience any difficulties,  telephone support is readily available.   

Q. What are the units electrical requirements?

A. The units operate of a standard wall plug, 230V at very low power consumption. Power outlet should be within 1m from the kiosk.

Q. Can the kiosks be programmed to accept different coins the battery charging service? 

A. Yes, for the units fitted with coin acceptors, they can be programmed to accept most coins. Programming instructions are supplied with each unit. This can also be set prior to delivery.
Please do not hesitate to Contact us 
 for more information or any further questions.


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