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Kwik-Fix Advertising & Mobile Services
'Satisfying an essential consumer need'
No other outdoor media captures your audience like we do!

If you're a business owner, advertising agency or in-charge of your company's marketing budget, Kwik-Fix is a must-have for your advertising dollar. We at Kwik-Fix understand that today’s business environment demands innovative, effective and affordable advertising, that will provide optimum exposure in your choice of high-traffic locations.
Our strategy capitalizes on the best of both worlds; that is consumers stand in front or within closer view of our kiosk for up to 15min whilst charging their phones, hence they have no choice but to see & hear your adverts over and over again as well as the impression created by passersby who view your advertising. In some cases patrons are also attracted to our kiosks because they are curious - this is a double-hit and a bonus for advertisers. 

The benefits of this type of marketing approach have proven to be overwhelming wherever introduced. Your extensive array of choices varies from a catchy 10 seconds business card ad, to a full-scale digital infomercial. There are a limited number of spots available on each kiosk, with short loop time, which guarantee's your exposure.

Key benefits of our Media:
  • Guaranteed exposure & ROI - our audience are captive for up to 15min while charging their phones - consumers have no choice but to see and hear your professionally produced adverts.                                                                                                                            
  • High usage - up to 2000+ user per month per kiosk and growing fast at Universities & Airports lounges etc .                                             
  • Static & digital advertising options - light box for branding & high-resolution LCD screen for full motion video including audio, to capture the attention of passersby. “Research has shown that displays with MOTION can increase sales by up to 317%” (source : POPAI).  
  • Unique & non traditional - first of its kind in NZ and Australia - reaching over 5million mobile phone and iPod users in NZ alone.  
  • We are able to relate to the rapidly growing 'mobile generation' by using this technology.  
  • High Impressions - our kiosks are placed in strategic & convenient locations - with high dwell times - also viewed by non-users .  
  • Value-added advertising - we are providing a much-needed and unique service to consumers. Hence we are able to place these kiosks into strategic locations which are otherwise inaccessible to traditional media owners e.g. Airline lounges, conference centres, major tourist attractions etc.  
  • High Visibility - Our kiosks are very attractive - which further enhances your brand.
  • Free service - which is an added incentive for patrons to use our kiosks and view your advertising.
  • We offer geographic, and venue exclusivity as well as corporate sponsorships of our kiosks.  
  • If you like the idea of non-traditional advertising that works. Contact us immediately to launch your next campaign and take your company to new heights. Take advantage of our competitive edge now. The mobile generation ("generation Y") has disposable income that is going to be spent or invested somewhere! 
    Advertising & sponsorship opportunities on offer:  

Key Advertising Locations:

  • All 15 Air NZ Koru Lounges Nationwide:
  • Reach over 2 million business travelers visiting these lounges PA:
  • Kiosk type: CLY-12B  with 17inch interactive touch screens and remote content management software.  

Let us and our Kwik-Fix Media be your partner in prosperity.                                  
Format for advertising:
Touch screen: 17inch - High Resolution touch screens (Plays all media types).

For a rate card on these fantastic locations: please 
Contact us 

The demographics shown below are FACTS no one should ignore! We can help you reach ALL of these groups! 

Number of mobile phone connections in NZ alone         

5 Million+

Percentage of the mobile phones held by Aucklanders


Percentage of the mobile phones held in Provincial areas


Percentage of senior manager's time spent away from their desks


Percentage of the work force that are mobile


Percentage of the mobile phones held by males


Percentage of the mobile phones held by females


Percentage of the mobile phones held by age group 30-44


Percentage of the mobile phones on pre-paid accounts in NZ


Demographic source: Statistics NZ. (Population in NZ currently 4.2M)


For a comprehensive overview of the benefits of our unique approach and how you can participate, please do not hesitate to Contact us or call our office for an obligation free consultation on: 09-262 4394.
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