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Kwik-Fix Advertising & Mobile Services
'Satisfying an essential consumer need'
About Us
Kwik-Fix specialize in self-service kiosks that caters for the mobile phone market, where consumers are able to charge mobile phone batteries and a venue for advertisers to display their products. Remember the last time you needed to make an important call whilst on the move, only to realise that your phone battery is dead?  
 We all do! Our newly developed self-service kiosks are designed to service the rapidly growing mobile phone market. In addition, our kiosks boast the options of an attractive colour LCD or touch screen and light box, offering an excellent venue for advertising and corporate branding. Kiosks can be placed in any secure high-traffic & locations e.g. Airports, universities, shopping malls, retail stores, bus/train stations & tourist attractions etc.    


Self Service Kiosks:
Our self-service kiosks can be place in any convenient, high traffic locations without the need for additional staff, while providing a user friendly, reliable and efficient service to consumers. With our busy lifestyles, the trend today is for people to 'top-up' their mobile phones 'on-the-run', in a safe and convenient environment, that's 'Kwik' and non damaging to their devices. Let our self-service kiosk become part of your retail outlet and reduce your overhead, while increase the foot-traffic through your store.

Mobile Phone Charging:
With the increase in mobile phone features; that is web enabled technologies, movies, TV, music, games, GPS, digital & video camera's, internet etc, the demand on battery life is becoming greater everyday. NZ has the 2nd highest penetration of mobile phones in the western world, with over 4,7million mobile phone connections, compared to 1,4million fixed land-lines. Furthermore we are becoming more reliant on our mobile phones whilst on the move, for e-mails, the web, text messaging, emergencies and personal information. The key challenge is keeping our mobile phone batteries charged at all times and ready for that all important call or message.
To use, simply find the appropriate charging plug for your mobile phone or device, plug-in and press the charging button or insert $2.00, for coin operated kiosks. These kiosks are set for 15mins charging, which will provide over 12 hours standby time on most phones. Phones can be removed anytime without damage. These kiosks serve as an emergency charge (top-up) and located in most strategic public places. So there's no need to carry spare batteries or chargers in future. The kiosks can charge almost all popular brands of mobile phones and some portable devices including iPhone/iPodNano ,Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG & BlackBerry.                                 

 At last the ideal solution:
Having access to our self-service kiosks ensures that our leisure and business needs are not spoiled or compromised by our mobile phone inconveniently running out of battery power or airtime.

Please take a few moments to fully review our website and see how this product and concept can add tangible value to your business: 
By placing a mobile Kwik-Fix kiosk in your business premises or convenient location, you are providing a unique and essential service to your customers and patrons; Unique-First in NZ and Australia; Essential -Servicing over 4,7 million mobile phone connections and iPod customers  in New Zealand alone: Furthermore:                   
  • You are enticing customers into your business by distinguishing yourself from the competition.
  • You have the option to advertise your products or generate income by advertising products from others. 
  • You are adding value and improving the image of your business with these very attractive, lively and exciting products. 
  • Our kiosks are self-service, so need for additional staff and full support by us.  

Mobile Kwik-Fix kiosks meet the demands and challenges of modern day and therefore perfectly suited for the 'mobile generation', also making this an ideal advertising medium. Generation 'Y' demands it - we deliver it!                

Looking for a new and innovative way to target hard to reach audience?
Airports, including Airline lounges, universities, train stations & shopping malls are just some of the current venues for our digital displays. We are able to place our digital displays (large screen kiosks and smaller screen wall/stand mounted kiosks) into high traffic areas within facilities in order to capitalize on consumers need to top-up their phone. We can also add value by customizing your display to include mobile phone chargers, thus attracting more customers and increasing your impressions.                   

Find our 
current opportunities.Our offering is digital and displayed on high-resolution LCD or touch screens with options of full motion video, which captures the attention of passersby and static image options. “Research has shown that displays with MOTION can increase sales by up to 317%” (source : POPAI). Besides, patrons spend up to 15min near our kiosks whilst charging their phones, which time they are captive, making this a lot more effective than traditional outdoor media, which totally replies on impressions.Advertisers are constantly looking for innovative, effective and affordable ways of staying ahead of the competition by capturing  their audience and maximising their return on investment. Furthermore we can provide accurate statistics on the usage of the kiosks, which guarantees advertisers their ROI.

Get your own Kiosk:
Whether you're an owner of a high-traffic location, who sees value in our products or a retailer, who wants to deploy our kiosks in your stores, we have the solutions that will best suit your business and budget. For more information on how to stay ahead of the competition or any other information; please do not hesitate to contact us. Also go to FAQ

Our Vision: 
To create a mutually beneficial win-win relationship by adding tangible value to your business

Mission Statement:
“Innovation is the momentum for development and service excellence is our priority 
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